Dealing with Idiots

Are you outraged that some crazy asshole at some tiny religious gather spot is trying to get people to burn some books? Do you want said crazy asshole to go away? Well I have a solution, ignore the crazy asshole.

Crazy assholes are generally attention whores who do things to get their 15 minutes of fame. If you want them to go away just ignore their existence. Don’t cover them in the news, don’t talk about them with friends, don’t blog and tweet about them, don’t acknowledge their existence.

Using this method an outraged country could avoid having to be outraged as the crazy asshole cries himself to sleep because nobody is willing to pay attention to him. Remember crazy assholes know there is no such thing as bad publicity so every time you acknowledge they exist it encourages them a little more.

One thought on “Dealing with Idiots”

  1. Baddafreakingbingo.

    If people had not been slathering this [deleted] idiot with all of the [deleted] attention they have been, this would be a complete and utter non-issue, no one would care, nothing would happen, and he would burn his little Korans and that would be that.

    Instead, his mug is on the front pages of newspapers around the world, the blog hits are crazy, and he now knows things like this are guaranteed to get him attention.

    *sigh* And I get to fly the same day this is going down… wonderful.

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