The Woman with No Name

So some dumb ass went and trademarked her own name and is actively protecting that trademark. This is an amusing block of text from her website:

[Name removed to avoid trademark violation] name is a Federally Registered Trademark. It is illegal to use the name ([Name removed to avoid trademark violation]) on any website or document without prior written permission.

See the problem there? If you trademark you name and don’t allow anybody to use it without written permission nobody is going to use your name and you won’t gain any recognition. This effectively means you become an anonymous entity on all websites who don’t see written permission to print you name. There is also another amusing piece:

Separately, I should note that Dr. Ann De Wees Allen’s website has an amusing bit of javascript that tries to prevent you from copying and pasting any text and on doing something so simple as right clicking and trying to open a link in a new window. The best part, though, is if you have javascript enabled, and do try to right click, a pop up windows shows up with the text saying “Copyright Protect!”

I didn’t notice that as I’m always running NoScript. It’s amazing how much stupid shit on the Internet you get to bypass and ignore with that little add-on.