Road Rage

I know being pissed off about traffic conditions and idiot drivers is JayG’s field of expertise but damn it sometimes you just have to vent.

Let us pretend of a second that you’re at an intersection. This intersection is an on and off ramp to a highway intersected with a city street. Let us say down the street the stop light has went from it’s normal red, yellow, green operation to the flashing red that notes stop sign functionality. Due to this traffic on said road is backed up to the intersection. Now let’s say you’re one of the people who took the off ramp and are turning onto the city road. If the cars are backed up all the way to the intersection do you (a) stay at the end of the off ramp and wait for the line of traffic to shorten or (b) drive into the intersection and prevent anybody going the opposite way from using the on ramp?

If you answered (b) you’re a majority of the fuckwits who drive through my on/off ramp intersection and cause me to wait for 20 minutes before being able to take said on ramp. So FUCK YOU and go die in a fire!