More Android 2.2 Fun

I mentioned that the recent Evo 4G update fixed quite a few annoying bugs that were driving me up a wall. Well I’ve come across a new bug and once again it’s with the media layer (this could be a pre-patch bug and I just never encountered it before). If you’re playing an audio file, pause it, leave the application, and come back after an indeterminate amount of time (the amount of time seems random) the audio file will not pick up where you paused it. Instead it resets to the beginning of the file.

This is extremely annoying when the primary audio you listen to are long podcasts and lectures. I’m getting into the habit of looking at the time the audio file is at before leaving an application expecting to have to fast forward to it when I come back to the application. I think Google really screwed the pooch with their sudden switch to the new media layer known as StageFright.

What’s sad is that Android 2.1 worked damn well but most new software being released (at least by Google) requires Android 2.2 to work. I know Google loves to play it fast and loose but when we’re talking about a phone operating system I think they need to spend a little more time testing before release.

2 thoughts on “More Android 2.2 Fun”

  1. The music player on Android is really weak. I started using the ‘Listen’ app (Google’s Podcasting application) recently and after finding my way around it, it’s really nice. It handles pausing/resuming much better than the music player I find.

    Do you get the Portable Hotspot function in the Evo? Probably my favorite 2.2 feature, other than general performance improvement/bug fixes.

    1. All audio applications have the same problem. I believe it’s a problem with StageFright as others have reported the same issues (mostly those of us who listen to long format podcasts).

      I do have portable hotspot functionality on my Evo via the android-wifi-tether application. Unlike your Nexus One Sprint requires you pay an additional $30.00 a month of unlock their hotspot functionality which I’m just not willing to fork out.

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