NFA Style Laws for Automobiles

At least that’s what the anti-gunners should say after reading this story:

One person is dead after a car slammed into a group of people on a Minneapolis porch Saturday morning.

Yup somebody ran a car into a group of people. With dangerous automobiles that have the potential of killing multiple people with a single step of the gas pedal the anti-gunners should be advocating for a complete ban of all automobiles manufactured after 1986. Such dangerous weapons should also require permission by both the Department of Transportation and the local sheriff of your area. I’d mention a need for a tax stamp but that already exists in the form of renewing your license plates every year.

One thought on “NFA Style Laws for Automobiles”

  1. They already have NFA-style laws – after all, silencers are mandated for them. Run a registered car on public roads with straight pipes, and if a cop catches you, you are going to be in a world of hurt.

    Run an unregistered silencer on a firearm at a range in order to abate an even louder noise than an internal combustion engine, and if a cop catches you, you are going to be in a worse world of hurt.

    *sigh* Consistency is such a hard thing to come by.

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