4G Baby

Well it seems I now have 4G coverage at my apartment. What does that mean? It means I most likely have one more G than you!

Honestly I’m rather impressed with how quickly Sprint has been rolling out their WiMax 4G service. Compared to the rate at which other carriers are rolling out faster data services Sprint seems to be trucking right along. Of course with that said there is one thing about Sprint’s 4G service I’m not very impressed with, penetration. WiMax seems to be awful at actually penetrating buildings. I noticed this when I was at DefCon. While outside of the Riviera I had an excellent 4G signal but it dropped rather drastically once I entered any building. The deeper into the building I went the faster it dropped. From inside there were only a couple of rooms where I could actually get 4G service. This is a limitation of the spectrum being used of course but it’s still something to point out.