So Much for Palm OS Emulation

Before getting my Evo 4G I had a Palm Treo 755p, before that a 700p, before that a Palm T|X, before that… well you get the idea. I was (and still am) a huge fan of the original Palm OS. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited for the Palm Pre, it had a high quality Palm OS emulator included with it.

Alas it seems Palm has removed the Palm OS ROM from the next version of their OS which renders MotionApps emulator worthless (since Palm OS was never open sourced we’re at the mercy of Palm to deliver a ROM for emulation). What excitement I had for WebOS 2 (what is a lot although the hardware that has been revealed is pretty piss poor) is quickly drying up. Since WebOS has the fewest available applications (compared to iOS and Android) the Palm OS emulator was used to fill in the gaps (for instance if you needed a VPN client you had to install it in Classic). Now it seems that option has been put to bed.