I guess I didn’t mention this day of release but Barnes and Nobel have released the newest version of their Nook (Nook, nook, NOOK, I’m not sure what the fuck the proper capitalization is for this product) e-reader, the NOOKcolor (capitalized as it appears on their site).

It should be obvious why I didn’t get all excited and post this thing day of release, it’s a yawner. Basically it’s an Android tablet. Yup, that’s really it. It has absolutely no e-ink display instead opting for a single touchscreen LCD. So it’s an lighter, smaller, and cheaper iPad running Android (you can’t actually access any of the sweet Android goodness at this point from my understanding).

Frankly this thing is a huge let down. Although I assumed the NoOkCoLoR (now I’m just going to fuck with the name) would simply be an e-reader with an LCD screen I was secretly hoping it would jump ahead of the Kindle by using a color e-ink display. Apparently Barnes and Nobel decided to take the low road instead and just simply make a tablet which there are only about a million of coming out at the moment.

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  1. Does this mean that we will be able to read our Kindle books on a Nook device? (Android Market hack required!)

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