Election Results

Well the elections are over (for the most part, Minnesota proved once again we can’t really make a firm decision and recounts are going for our governor race) and the results are in. First let me say I’m glad to see Rand Paul won in Kentucky. With another Paul in the office we now have two major weapons to field against the Federal Reserve!

I’m also glad to see balance has been somewhat restored on a federal level. I’m not a fan of any single party controlling the House, Senate, and White House. Now the Democrats have the White House and the Republicans have the house and senate. Hopefully this means complete gridlock on any new legislation on a federal level.

Here in Minnesota we had to once again prove we’re incapable of making a firm decision one way or another. The race looked very bleak for Emmer early one because Hennepin and Ramsey county votes were counted first (these are our major blue districts). After the rural areas started flowing in though things started looking up and the vote is so close there is an automatic recount going down. I’m still betting Dayton will win but hoping for Emmer (a man can dream right?). What would be really good is further Coleman/Franken litigation going down so we don’t have a governor for several months. I believe legislation can’t be passed with a governor’s signature and honestly when no new laws are being created we all win.

Beyond the governor’s seat the Republicans won out in Minnesota. This is what concerns me about Emmer possibly winning, the entire capital would be controlled by a single party. On the other hand Dayton is a crook and a statist bastard so having him in would be nothing but bad news bears for our state.

What I can say is this; watching MSNBC last night was hilarious. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that the anchors on MSNBC pinned the possible destruction of the world’s economies on Rand Paul (if he doesn’t raise the debt ceiling according to MSNBC the entire world is doomed economically). It was also funny watching them try to spin the constant loses their preferred party was taking.