Time for Some Fear Mongering of My Own

I’m getting sick of the Theater of Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) fear mongering and molestations so it’s time to make some fear mongering of my own. Why? Because I’m a dick and sick of the TSA. Likewise what I’m about to write has potential to be true just like there is potential that you could put a bomb in your shoe.

New TSA regulations recently released require any person who refuses to go through the naked body scanner to receive an extra special pat down. This extra special pat down means the TSA molester agent will keep patting you down until they start touching your junk. Additionally the only requirement to get a job at the TSA is a GRE.

So the question is raised, what kind of people will seek employment at the TSA? Most likely molesters and pedophiles. Think about it for a second. Sexual predators like to put themselves in positions of authority over their victims. Many teachers have been charged with statutory rape and most likely went into teaching to gain access to children. We’re probably going to see a ton of pedophiles join the TSA so they have the chance to see children naked on their scanners or if the parent refuses to send their child through the agent gets to feel the little tike up.

How’s that for fear mongering? Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Wait… this Has happened.