Free Dinner

The homeless of Beebe, Arkansas should be eating well tonight after 4,000 to 5,000 blackbirds feel from the sky:

Workers were searching Beebe, a town of about 4,500 people located 30 miles northeast of the state capital, to collect what officials estimated as between 4,000 and 5,000 birds which began falling from the sky late on New Year’s Eve and continued into the next day.

Officials have no clue what the fuck killed all those birds but their theories make little sense as far as I can see. The birds showed no physical trauma so lightening and high speed winds don’t really add up and I can’t see fireworks stressing that many birds to death on New Year’s but no on July th.

2 thoughts on “Free Dinner”

  1. There were also nearly 100,000 fish that suddenly turned up dead – in the Arkansas river. I was watching the news last night, and they reported that “officials” believe the incidents were not related. Riiiiggghhhtt…. Because thousands of animals randomly turn up dead within a small radius of each other all the time. Though there has actually been a small number of large die-offs in the past (such as the bees), it is always confined to one species, never multiple species, and usually spanned over a longer period of time. It is hard for me to believe that the sudden deaths of thousands of fish AND birds are not related to each other.

    1. Yeah I’ve been doing a little research into this and think I found some interesting connections between these die offs and the massive series of earthquakes that have been occurring in the area. The story should pop up at 12:30.

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