Canadian Surgical Wait Times

It should be no surprise to anybody that I’m against any form of socializing anything. When I mention I’m against socialized medicine I usually get various response ranging between me being the second coming of Satan to simply being a complete tool of the “corporations” (which corporations I’m not sure, nobody ever tells me). One thing never fails though, when I get into an argument involving socialized medicine somebody invariably brings up how great it works in Canada.

The problem with this argument is it doesn’t work that great in Canada. Well I guess it works great so long as you are willing to wait on average 18.2 weeks for surgical and therapeutic procedures. That’s what the average wait time ended up being in 2010.

Personally I’ll take the horrible system here that allows me to get much needed surgery in a timely manner (although it would be nice if we could get rid of all the government interference which has increased the cost to an astronomical rate).