Hell Hath Frozen Over

Verizon actually annouced the availability of the iPhone on their network. Verizon is throwing in tethering for free which AT&T tries to nail you $20.00 a month for, very cool. Sadly the iPhone 4 won’t work on Verizon’s LTE (4G) network and like every other CDMA device on the planet will be unable to make phone calls and use a data network at the same time (one huge downside to CDMA that GSM doesn’t have to worry about). I did find one thing very interesting though:

11:23AM Q: Is the CDMA iPhone exclusive to Verizon?

Tim: It’s a multi-year, non exclusive deal.

Maybe that means it could work on Sprint’s network someday (sorry but I still love their data plan over Verizon’s). That would be cool although if Apple is working with Verizon I doubt the iPhone will ever have the hardware inside to run on WiMax.

Hopefully this announcement will get AT&T to start making some massive improvements to their network. One thing is for certain, competition is always good.