Mobile Hotspot on AT&T iPhone

One of the things Verizon advertised when they announced their iPhone was mobile hot spot. The latest iOS 4.3 beta includes this feature on the AT&T iPhone 4 as well. I have the beta in hand but am usually very wary about loading beta code on a device I use every day and I’m not paying AT&T $20.00 for tethering (which is required to get the hot spot feature working). It’ll be interesting to see what Verizon does for pricing vs. AT&T.

From the comments in the article is seems Verizon offers mobile hot spot on some Android phones at the cost of $20.00 for 2GB of data with each additional GB of data costing $20.00 (so it’s not included in the unlimited data plan). I wonder if Verizon will change the price of leave it alone for their iPhone.