Sprint Increasing 3G Data Plan Cost

One thing I liked about Sprint is their data plan. Not only do you get coverage almost everywhere but it’s also unlimited (for real unlimited, not 5GB and then overage fees) and cheap. At least it was cheap because now Sprint is going to increase the cost of their 3G data plan by $10.00 a month. Basically everybody will be paying the same price for data as current holders of 4G phones (such as myself).

If you’re currently on a 3G phone you won’t have to worry about an increase in your monthly bill until you either upgrade or activate a new smart phone. So as long as you stay with your current phone you’re fine. This is kind of dickish as previously this “premium data” plan applied to 4G devices which you could claim are capable of consuming more data as they can download at higher speeds than 3G devices. Charging everybody for the “premium data” plan whether or not they have a 4G device just seems like a bad idea, especially considering most of Sprints future phones will most likely be 4G capable.