HP/Palm WebOS Tablet

Engadget has a couple very nice renders of a possible upcoming HP/Palm WebOS tablet. It looks very much like an iPad with a plastic back and running WebOS.

Even after running Android for a while and now iOS I must say there is a soft spot in my heart for WebOS. Of the three WebOS is the only operating system with a combination of actual mutli-tasking and a good interface for swapping between tasks. Android’s interface for swapping between applications is pitiful while iOS lacks what I’d consider real multi-tasking. Likewise WebOS has remained the most open of the three operating systems in that is includes and easily activated developer mode which has helped create a very good homebrew community around the little platform that almost nobody knows about anymore.

HP/Palm have sent out invitations for an event in February where I hope to see a lot of new and interesting WebOS based products announced.