Google Not Happy with Android Market Performance

Hey Google and I share something in common, neither of us are happy with the Android Market. It’s for different reasons of course, they aren’t happy with the number of application sales, while I’m not happy with the fact Google lost all records of every application I purchased from the Market. Maybe they just wanted me to rebuy everything to bump their sales figures (that was sarcasm in case anybody decides to claim I’m just making up a conspiracy theory).

Either way I think Google needs to do two things in order to improve the Android Market. The first one is to make it easier to search for applications. If you do a search for an application there is a very good chance you’ll get pages of unrelated applications. When I do a search for an application Google of all companies should provide me with great search results. The other thing Google should do is create some kind of real customer support for the Market. Current Google only has their Market forum which I’m doubting they even monitor (I still haven’t seen a single reply to my question from back in November). If Google at least setup a monitored e-mail address customers could contact when they have problems it would go a long ways in my not so humble opinion.