We Dodged that Bullet

Minneapolis/St. Paul have been under a major looming threat for a while now. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) has been threatening our fine metropolitan area by claiming they may hold their event here. Thankfully they decided to fuck over Charlotte instead.

Why do I say we dodged a bullet? Well the last time we had a national convention the only things that came of it were police abuse and protesters busting up private property. The Republican National Convention (RNC) was a fiasco. The police donned their riot gear, turned the area surrounding the RNC into a militarized zone, rounded up and arrested people planning peaceful protests, and illegally performed mass arrests of peaceful protesters. On the other side we had groups of protesters who decided it would be a good idea to smash in storefront windows, threaten the lives of Republican delegates, and do everything they could to not be peaceful. We don’t need that shit happening again.

Before somebody posts in the comments and claims that would never happen if with DNC all I have to say is do some research. The RNC itself wasn’t the problem, the problem was external factors. These external factors were completely oblivious to what party was in town (most of the protesters hated both parties). The exact same shit would have happened again and frankly I don’t want to put up with it. Seeing a police state in my neck of the woods once is enough for my lifetime.