An Expected Outcome

It seems Egypt’s dictator, Mubarak, isn’t getting the message. I can see that though considering there are only hundreds of thousands of angry protesters yelling for him to step down. Because Mubarak likes power and apparently can’t take a fucking hint he gave a speech yesterday announcing his not-resignation. Needless to say the expected reaction occurred; people are pissed.

The protests in Egypt have remained peaceful (well except when the paid Mubarak shills started inciting violence) which amazes me. Unfortunately for Mubarak peaceful protests only remain peaceful for so long and then the people decide that method isn’t working. I’m not sure if Mubarak simply lacks historical knowledge on the subject but usually the plan B for dealing with dictators is far less desirable for said dictator than simply stepping down would be.

Interesting Mubarak made an interesting statement during his speech:

I say again that I lived for the sake of this country, preserving its responsibility and trust. Egypt will remain above all and above everyone.

It will remain so until I hand over this trust and pole. This is the goal, the objective, the responsibility and the duty. It is the beginning of life, its journey, and its end.

It will remain a country dear to my heart. It will not part with me and I will not part with it until my passing.

Emphasis mine. If Mubarak keeps this up he may be parting Egypt sooner than he expected. I must say I do enjoy watching the final thrashings of tyrannical dictators.