Dedication to One’s Art Form

If there was ever a man who has dedication to his art form it would be the mystery person found passed out on Joel DeSpain’s lawn. The man’s art form? Drinking apparently as he had a blood alcohol level of 0.559. According to the story you need to do some furious drinking to accomplish this:

As an illustration, a 150-pound man would have to drink 22 shots of 80-proof whiskey in two hours to get that drunk, according to an online blood-alcohol calculator maintained by the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Alcohol and Drug Education.

Cripes! What’s even better is this blood alcohol level isn’t even the record:

Drunkenness to such a degree can be deadly, but people have survived even greater levels of intoxication. In 2007, for example, an Oregon woman was found unconscious in her car and with a blood-alcohol content of 0.72 percent.

Dedication, these people most certainly have it.