The iPad 2

Well Apple announced the iPad 2 yesterday and honestly it’s about what I expected, and evolutionary change to the current device. Apple added a front and rear facing (because taking pictures with a 10″ device is going to be so practical) camera, thinned the device down, and tossed out AT&T and Verizon models. The new iPad also utilizes a dual core processor which I will admit is pretty neat.

Beyond what I’ve mentioned little has changed including available storage which still maxes out at 64GB (I was hoping for a 128GB model). The price, display, and claimed battery life have all remained as they once were. I’d mention the HDMI out adapter but that works on current iPads and iPhone 4s so it’s not really an iPad 2 only accessory.

In the end not enough has changed for me to want an upgrade from my current iPad. Honestly the entire announcement was a bit lackluster as noted by the fact that Apple actually took time to talk about their little magnetically attached cover. Positively exciting.