The Other Side of Unions

With the recent problems in Wisconsin people have been proclaiming unions as the greatest things in the whole wide world. If I take what some people are saying seriously I have to believe unions are actually unicorns that shit rainbows and happiness. The fact of the matter is unions have a much uglier side than most people realize with his very well explained in this Mises Daily article.

I’ve stated before my main gripe with unions is employees at unionized workplaces are forced to join the established union. This negates voluntary participation and forces employees to fund things that they may or may not wish to. SEIU for instance pays massive amounts of money to the Democrat Party which I would never give a single nickle to. Yes if I worked in a unionized workplace I’d be forced to fund the Democrat Party via my mandatory union dues.

Of course the article on Mises has many explains of the problems of unions. If you thing unions are great things you need to read that article and understand the other side of the coin (that way you can understand the arguments of those who oppose unionization of everything instead of just spouting off personal insults).