WebOS 2.1 Released

Good news everybody who has a Palm Pre 2 (you know that other guy and me), HP/Palm has released WebOS 2.1. It’s an over the air update meaning your device will find it and automatically notify you of its availability. Needless to say I’ve not had much time to play with it but the update doesn’t seem all that significant.

The main additions is the inclusion of voice dialing and exhibition mode. Voice dialing is pretty self-explanatory but it allows you to dial a number by holding down either volume button and then speaking the name of the person you wish to call. Exhibition mode is rather neat as it allows your Pre 2 to display information when it’s placed on a Touchstone. The information it displays is configuration about mine is currently displaying my daily agenda. It will be a bit before any developers make real use of this feature but I can imagine some cool things coming down the pipe (I know I have an idea on how to utilize it that I’ll likely be working on in the near future).

As HP/Palm aren’t big on releasing any changelogs for WebOS updates in a timely manner I’m not sure what else has been included in this update. I’m guessing not much.