AT&T to Purchase T-Mobile

Ma Bell is the beast which can not be killed. Even though it was sliced apart years ago it is slowly recombining to recreate a telecommunications monopoly. The latest step in Ma Bell’s reintegration is AT&T making a deal to purchase T-Mobile for $39 million of fiat currency. With this purchase there will be a practical monopoly in the United States for the GSM protocol.

The merger is expected to take one year and until then it sounds like T-Mobile customers will be left alone.

2 thoughts on “AT&T to Purchase T-Mobile”

  1. Since Verizon is going LTE, and LTE is the route for GSM within the next 5 years there will be 2 choices again (once LTE is out there in force). I can see how it will help each individual company (AT&T is ahead of T-Mobile on LTE (but behind VZ)), and T-Mobile is ahead of AT&T on HSPSA+. Apparently T-Mobile also lacks the spectrum to really roll out LTE, and that would give AT&T more Spectrum which will help. That being said it will likely hurt the consumer in the form of higher monthly fees and less phone selection.

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