Happy X Birthday OS X

Today marks the tenth birthday of Mac OS X. It really doesn’t seem that long to tell the truth. I still remember when Apple unveiled OS X to the world and what a piece of shit it initially was (although still better than OS 9). Mac OS 10.0 was so bad that free upgrades to 10.1 were given to early adopters. As the versions increase Mac OS X finally started getting usable (in my opinion) at version 10.3 with it finally being complete enough to use as a primary OS at version 10.4 (when I finally adopted it as my primary OS).

I’d say it will be interesting to see what the next 10 years of OS X will bring but I’m pretty sure Apple will be at OS 11 by then and I’ll no longer be able to swap the 10 for an X to make it sound way cooler.

2 thoughts on “Happy X Birthday OS X”

    1. Truth be told version numbers are completely arbitrary. Apple usually increments this desktop operating systems by a full digit when they make a drastic change and then use point releases for fixes and feature additions.

      On the opposite end of the scale Google seems to use major version increase for any little addition they put into their Chrome browser.

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