Zero Tolerance Means Zero Intelligence

Public schools not only have a history of being rather poor in the field of educating children but they also have a history of zero tolerance. Between kids being expelled for having shotguns off school property, kids being kicked out for making a gun shape with their fingers, and kids being given the boot for having Aspirin it’s amazing there are any children left in school. Well here’s another one for the record book, a 13 year-old kid was shown the door for brining acne medicine:

A typical middle school girl, 13-year-old Hayley Russell was worried about another acne flare-up when she brought her orange prescription bottle to Rachel Carson Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia.

She placed the erythromycin on the top shelf of her locker so she could retrieve an antibiotic pill to take at lunch. And then she forgot about it.

The pills sat in her locker for months. When an administrator confronted her about them last May, acting on a tip from other girls, Hayley quickly acknowledged her mistake. But it triggered a disciplinary process that kept her out of class for more than seven weeks, banned her from even visiting Carson without official permission, and eventually forced her to transfer to another school.

Yes not only did she bring medication but she had the audacity to have a prescription for it! It’s sad to see things haven’t changed since I was in high school and administrators were sacrificing children in order to look like they were protective of the kids’ well being.