Welcome to War

Wherever the CIA go civilian casualties are soon to follow. Not that I’m blaming the CIA for this fuck up but the agency seem like the fucking Grim Reaper with how reliable civilian death appears wherever they’re operating. It seems a coalition airstrike has managed to kill civilians in a recent raid:

Seven civilians died and 25 were hurt in a coalition air strike on a pro-Gaddafi convoy in eastern Libya, a doctor there has told the BBC.

Dr Suleiman Refardi said Wednesday’s raid happened in the village of Zawia el Argobe, 15km (9 miles) from Brega.

The strike hit a truck carrying ammunition, and the resulting explosion destroyed two nearby homes.

This isn’t going to shock anybody who knows anything about war. Although the fight it often between two factions the neutral people, the civilians, are often caught up in the fighting. Sadly we’re likely to only see more reports similar to this one which is one of the reasons war is such a horrible thing.