Another Bad Idea by Obama

Obama is full of bad ideas and has a long history of broken promises (remember we were supposed to be out of Iraq and Gitmo was going to be closed by now?). I’m guessing these reasons are why his approval rating is so abysmal. Facing such a situation I’d avoid another run but Obama isn’t happy until he’s proven himself to be a complete moron who doesn’t have any comprehension of reality. This this end he’s announced his run for the next presidential race.

It’s it kind of early? I really don’t want to listen to presidential debates and ads from now until the elections in 2012. Oh well I’m sure the Republicans will put somebody equally stupid up and thus ensure no matter who wins we the people will lose for another four years. I know both political parties seems to be in a race to hit the bottom of the gene pool for their presidential candidates but in my eyes that’s not a race they should want to win.