Interior Design is Serious Business

I didn’t realize interior design was such a serious business. Did you know that Florida, Nevada, and Louisiana require a state license to practice interior design. That seems like pointless licensure requirements if I’ve ever heard of them. It seems as though Florida is getting smart about this and are moving to deregulate the interior design market but abolishing the need to get a state license in order to work as an interior designer.

As with any government protected cartel the interior designers are fighting back with some very interesting claims. My favorite on? That improper interior would contribute to 88,000 deaths every year. How did they come to that number? No idea but it sure sounds scary if not completely far fetched. Maybe all those deaths come from people not having enough “zen” in their living room because a couch is 0.05cm too far to the left.

Government licensure is nothing more than a means of creating cartels. In order to protect themselves from competition people working in a specific field will make up a reason why there needs to be a requirement for government oversight and licensure of their field. This creates a barrier against entry for new employees and thus reduces the potential competition they may be facing. These licenses usually carry an arbitrary number of pointless restrictions that make the barrier to entry even higher.