Communism Fails Again

It’s only a matter of time until any communist country either falls or has to adopt capitalism in some shape or form. Soviet Russia chose to collapse while China chose to setup economic freedom zones which is just a fancy term for parts of the country where capitalism is practiced. It seems Cuba wants to stave off collapse and has begun to establish some capitalist ideals:

The Communist government of Cuba said it will permit people to buy and sell their property for the first time since Fidel Castro took power of the island in 1959, as part of a raft of economic reforms.

The measure was passed during a congress (meeting) of the Communist Party (the first such parley in fourteen years).

Under the old regime, Cubans were only allowed to bequeath their homes to their children or to exchange them in a complex system that was riddled with corruption.

This is only one small step obviously but it’s a start on the road to economic reform.