iOS 4.3.3 is Out

Those of you with iOS devices should clear out your Internet tubes because you’re going to need them wide open for the next 666.2MB update that Apple has released to fix the recent tracking fiasco.

The only things listed in the changelog that Apple provides are corrections to the location caching functionality in iOS. Personally I’ve found this entire thing overblown simply because of the fact that nobody could demonstrate that the save location information was transmitted anywhere. Unlike TomTom iOS wasn’t sending the location data anywhere, it was only backing it up to whatever computer the device was synced with.

Beyond that the simple fact that cellular phones can track you solely as a side effect of this technology really made the potential threat held by iOS’s location data caching specialized. If the government needed a history of your locations they could get it easily by subpoenaing your phone company. The only real threat held by iOS’s caching was if somebody was able to get physical access to the system you sync your devices with and only so long as you don’t encrypt those backups (iTunes has the ability to encrypt your iOS backups).

Still it’s good to see Apple responded to this pretty quickly and now people can breath a sigh of relief… unless you’re using iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G then you’re just plain old fucked.