iPhone Encryption “Cracked”

One of the features I really like about the iPhone that Android appears to lack is the ability to encrypt the data on the device. Well news has been floating around that a company has found a means of cracking the iPhone’s encryption but from everything I’ve read it appears as through they are just brute forcing the password of the backups.

From the feature list it seems the program attempts to brute force the encrypted iPhone backups on your computer using the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) to speed up the process. What I find funny is one of the listed features is “Decrypt iPhone/IPad/iPod backup (with known password).” Oh look at that if the application knows the password to decrypt the backup is can… decrypt the backup. No fucking shit. You know how I decrypt encrypted information? By using my password.

Two solutions exist to prevent this application from working on your phone; use a strong pass phrase to encrypt your backup and encrypt the hard drive of your computer for additional security. I’m not sure if the software is able to brute force the passkey on the phone but as my phone wipes all it’s data after 10 failed attempts to unlock it I feel as through I don’t have to worry about this particular problem.

One thought on “iPhone Encryption “Cracked””

  1. That doesn’t make much sense. They use the GPU for a brute force password attack. There must be something I’m not getting.

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