Another Reason Florida’s Ban on Doctors Talking About Guns is Stupid

I’ve already stated that I think Florida’s law banning doctors from talking about guns is stupid. Not only does such a law crap all over the first amendment right to free speech but it also gags doctors who are gunnies like us. How are you and your doctor supposed to talk about last week’s shooting match you both attended if doing so will cause said doctor to lose his license to practice medicine?

Any law that prohibits free speech in any way is a bad law. The practice of speech goes both ways as you always have people both against and in favor of various things. By discriminating against a group of people two things have been accomplished; we have potentially alienated that group for supporting our side and we’ve made hypocrites of ourselves by claiming we support rights but then turning around and working against them. Florida’s law does nothing to help us (as no evidence was ever brought forth that doctors were conspiring to create a backdoor gun registry) and does a lot of make our movement look bad by making us appear as hypocrites.