Welcome to The New Site

If you take a look around you’ll notice absolutely nothing appears to have changed but alas I’ve moved my blog for WordPress to my own personal server. The migration isn’t flawless as all of my embedded YouTube video links are in need of repair but otherwise I believe everything is here as it should be. If you notice any bugs let me know (blog[at]christopherburg[dot]com) and I’ll get to fixing them right away.

I’m sure the next question out of your mouth will be “Why the move?” Frankly I’ve been working on getting my own “cloud” setup. My e-mail has been hosted on my own server for a while now as are several other accounts. That means when you send an e-mail to the above address it goes straight to my server. Regardless to you this move means basically nothing but for me it means I now have complete control over my website, e-mail, and other online accounts. It’s likely that I may experience some downtime here and there being I’m hosting this on my own personal server and not several servers distributed around the country but so far my personal “cloud” experiment has lead to great up times and I don’t get page hits twenty-four hours a day so I have times that I can perform scheduled maintenance.

A couple of other things have changed. First you can now access this website via christopherburg.com, www.christopherburg.com, or the good old blog.christopherburg.com. The first two URLs may redirect to a new site someday but I will keep the blog subdomain pointing directly here for as long as I have control to do so (unless I change my mind).

I hope you’ll bear with me as I work out the bugs here. I’m not sure if the Twitter feed is going to work perfectly, I think the RSS feed link will need to be changed, and there are probably a few other issues that will crop up as the weeks pass.

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    1. Sweet that means everything is working. I was concerned the RSS feed wasn’t hooked up properly. Thanks for letting me know.

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