Lulz Security Calls it Quits

I’ve mentioned my interest in Lulz Security and Anonymous stemmed strongly from their ability to keep themselves anonymous for quite a length of time considering the high value targets they went after. Well Lulz Security has called it quits claiming that they only intended to perform their attacks for 50 days.

This story doesn’t really hold water though as personal information of many members of the group has been published leading which makes their sudden “planned” disbanding rather convenient. What I would like to know though are where they failed in keeping themselves anonymous. The ability to keep one’s self anonymous online is a valuable thing and learning from the mistakes made by others is the only way we can ensure those needing or simply wanting to hide online have the ability to do so.

Of course it’s also possible that Lulz Security’s announcement of the organization disbanding is just them trolling everybody. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them announcement that their previous announcement was just made to fuck with people and that they’re restarting their attacks.

One thought on “Lulz Security Calls it Quits”

  1. I was thinking maybe they called it quits to avoid prosecution. The longer they keep at it the more likely that someone is going to figure out how to trace it to some of the members.

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