Day Seven of The Minnesota Government Shutdown

We’re now in day seven of the Minnesota Government shutdown. Chaos is spreading through the streets as rioters set cars ablaze, women can’t walk the streets because they will get viciously raped, fire and brimstone are raining down, all hope is lost!

Seriously though, it’s been a week and nobody besides a few campers last weekend have even noticed the government went into shutdown mode. I think this indicates how crucial government isn’t.

2 thoughts on “Day Seven of The Minnesota Government Shutdown”

  1. That is true.
    But I have noticed my commute is a bit smoother as I am not dodging road construction coming through Burnsville and the idiots whom have to cause problems trying to see what MNDot was or was not doing as they drove by.

    Other then that, a few hysterics in the local libtarded paper about how awful the GOP is…

    You wowuldn’t even notice….

  2. I hope it is still shutdown when I am up there next week. The longer it goes the more likely people will realize how little the government actually does from them.

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