People Who Tell Libertarians to Move to Somalia are Idiots

I’m sure a majority of my readers are libertarians to some degree. If you’ve described yourself as libertarian long enough then it’s likely some statist has said, “If you believe that why don’t you move to Somalia?” The “logic” is that Somalia is supposedly some kind of libertarian paradise since the region has been without a state since 1991. Of course this is the statis’s version of the race card is only gets pulled out when they lack any actual counterpoints to libertarian statements.

What makes this card so worthless, and the people using it such idiots, is the fact that Somalia is a third-world country with poor living conditions. It is interesting to note that most conditions have been steadily improving since the fall of the state there but Somalia is still recovering from the fact that they were under dictatorial control for so long. Don’t Tread on Mike has an excellent post describing the conditions in Somalia and why those telling libertarians to move there sound like pompous idiots lacking any true understanding of either libertarian philosophy or conditions in Somalia.

The conditions in Somalia can be summed up as a stateless destitute third-world country that was a destitute third-world country with a state before 1991. Libertarians in the United States want to take a developed country with a massively large state and turn it into a developed country with either a very small or completely absent state. In other words libertarians want to remove the largest barrier between the people of the United States and the freedom to succeed, government interference in the economy and daily lives of people.