Oh Hell

My only response to the news I’m about to present is FUCK! Congressman Ron Paul has stated he wont run for re-election in 2012.

The reason I’m dismayed by this news is because Ron Paul is the only person on Capitol Hill that I respect (I’m slowing developing hearty respect for his kid, Rand, but it will take far more time for him to prove himself). Combining this with the fact that I don’t believe he’ll get the Republican nomination (the Republican party plays too many games in order to keep him off the presidential ticket) and I’m afraid the only good politician will be out of Washington come next election cycle.

Although Dr. Paul has been unable to turn the tide of government tyranny he at last presented a voice for the liberty movement. Without him at the Capitol debating the wrong of imperialism, the need to return to sound money, and the need for liberty as a whole the American people are left with nothing but authoritarian scum who wish nothing more than to rule us with an iron fist.

By Thor in Valhalla I hope I’m wrong about him not getting the nomination.