Buy Your Snow Blowers Now

There are a lot of people complaining that they can’t find air conditioners for sale anywhere in the Twin Cities area. Guess what? You should have purchased an air conditioner before the heat wave hit, not during. I’m a man who believes in being prepared and thus I usually buy things before I know that I’ll need them. Many people, on the other hand, seem to avoid planning ahead and thus buy things when they need them. The latter people often cite that buying something ahead of time is a gamble since you may never need it but when the weatherman tells you a week ahead of time that it’s going to be 95 degrees outside with very high humidity it’s no longer a gamble with odds in your favor.

If you need a device to handle something that will affect many people at the same time waiting until the last minute is a stupid idea. Waiting until the last minute means you’re going to be competing with everybody else to get your desired device. This fact should be apparent to anybody who waited until the first big blizzard to purchase a snow blower. After the first blizzard hit in Minnesota there wasn’t a snow blower to be had anywhere.

Thus it’s a good idea to get a snow blower now as they’re easily obtained and likely cheaper as there is little demand for snow blowers during a heat wave. Winter is the time to buy your air conditioner as it’s easily obtain and likely cheaper. I’m glad I have a father who taught me this. Do you know what he did when power went out during one of the blizzards last year? He plugged in his big ass generator and kept the heat going because he was smart enough to buy one before he needed it. Hell his generator can keep the air conditioner running in his home of power were to fail during this heat wave.

Do you know what else is good to have available to you? Extra food and drinking water. Did the last blizzard leave you stranded at home unable to get to the grocery store? Did it cause your water pipes to freeze and burst leaving you in need of drinking water? Neither problems are problems if you did your work and prepared ahead of time.

My advice to everybody is this, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare yourself for a future scenario. Get what you need before you need it and when it comes time that you need it you’ll have it and be happy.

This has been a public service announcement from your friend Christopher Burg.

2 thoughts on “Buy Your Snow Blowers Now”

  1. Too bad there’s probably no retail outlets stocking blowers today. I bet the earliest you can easily find them on display is at the State Fair in a month and then in September.

  2. Even in the dead of winter (say, this February, when — thanks to being stuck in the house for a solid week — I’d have brutally tortured and murdered a close and dear friend for a working snowblower instead of the one I already owned which died at that particularly inopportune moment), the notion that hot weather will return sometime in May or June and persist until around September remains a remarkably safe bet to make.

    Of course, you’re not likely to find snowblowers in stock at stores quite yet…but even during the actual wintertime, there are generally places you can buy an air conditioner. Indeed, I bought the supplemental AC that’s used in the server room at my house about two weeks before this winter’s above-referenced snowpocalypse, and I got a pretty decent deal on it. (They didn’t bother discounting them, the way they do in the spring, but I certainly didn’t pay the price premium I would if I tried to get one this week.)

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