OS X Lion Server Admin Tools

When I upgrade my machines to OS X Lion I noticed something of importance was missing, Server Admin Tools. For those who don’t know Server Admin Tools is a package of applications that works as a front-end for maintaining OS X Server installations. These tools aren’t necessary as you can managed everything from the command line if you desire but, being a naturally lazy person who isn’t too fond of manually editing a 500 line text file to change one little thing, I prefer using a quick graphical interface. The administration panel that is included with OS X Lion Server is a toy that doesn’t allow any real manual configuration so that’s out as far as I’m concerned.

Thankfully Apple has posted Server Admin Tools 10.7 on their website. Why the OS X Lion installer didn’t automatically include this or download it from the website when it was upgrading my system I’ll never understand. It wouldn’t be that difficult for the installer to see that I have Server Admin Tools installed and thus it should either upgrade those applications or leave them the Hell alone. Simply removing them wasn’t my idea of funny nor entertaining.

Either way if you’ve upgrade your system to OS X Lion and rely on Server Admin Tools you’re relegated to manually navigating to the website and downloading the installer package.