For All Those Who Think Cutting Government Expenditures Would Be Bad

When it comes to the debate about the debt there seems to be two camps; the people who say we must increase taxes (the people who are wrong) and those who say we must cut government expenditures (the people who are right). What’s funny about this debate is that those who claim we can’t cut the amount government is spending without killing all the puppies and kittens in the country don’t realize one crucial fact, which Ron Paul brings up:

Federal revenues for 2012 likely will amount to about $2.2 trillion, an amount roughly equal to the 2004 federal budget. To balance the 2012 budget, Congress simply needs to adopt 2004 spending levels. Was the federal government really too small just 8 years ago?

Did every puppy and kitten die in 2004? No, so clearly reducing our spending to levels found nearly six years ago won’t cause the end of this country. Think about that for a second, we can balance the country’s budget but simply returning to the same spending level we had six years ago. It’s that simple. Why are we even having this huge show on Capitol Hill when the answer is that fucking simple? Oh yeah, because the show isn’t about what will best serve the American people, it’s about political maneuvering and ensuring blame for the poor economic conditions is placed on the other party.