Vacation Time

Dear readers it has come time again for my annual vacation. I’m going to be taking the week off and heading to Defcon on Las Vegas. Why do you care? Ultimately because my vacation will directly interfere with this blog as I’m not really planning on making promises to write up posts during my off time (for me a vacation means skirting all of my responsibilities, not just my job).

Never fear though because I’ve planned ahead and have some material pre-written for the days I’ll be gone. I’ve written a sort of mini-series that will provide one post a day and then threw in some miscellaneous posts for good measure. It’s unlikely that I’ll be posting while I’m at Defcon because that place is a war zone when it comes to network and honestly nothing can be considered truly safe. I’m not saying you won’t see any posts I haven’t already pre-written but I’m making no promises that you won’t.

So while I’m away you’ll likely notice only a reduction in the number of posts that appear per day and that those posts likely won’t be related to anything that happened after today. Let me close by saying this… FUCK YEAH VACATION TIME!