A Trend of Connecting Right-Wingers to Nazism

I’ve been noticing a trend with many of the stories my more liberal (using the modern definition of the word) friends have been posting, which is an apparent attempt by some media sources to connect the idea of right-wing extremism with neo-Nazism. Two examples of this are this story and this story. Both stories are from Spiegel and use the terms right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi interchangeably.

I’m not at all surprised by this as right-wing extremism has been tied to everything from terrorism to racism over the years. I wouldn’t care at all if right-wing extremism actually meant violent extremism but to the media right-wing extremism usually refers to libertarians or those who simply lean more towards libertarian ideals then liberal (again, using the modern definition of the word) ideals. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to me if stories started popping up in the near future that imply links between libertarians and neo-Nazis.

One thought on “A Trend of Connecting Right-Wingers to Nazism”

  1. Nazis were people. Libertarians are people.
    We disagree with the nazi’s politics. We disagree with libertarian’s politics.

    Therefore they are the same!

    Oh and George Bush.

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