Ron Paul Takes Second Place at Ames Straw Poll

Here’s some goods new for a change, Ron Paul ended up taking second place in the straw poll on Saturday. Bachmann had 4,832 votes while Ron Pall fell just 152 votes shy of her with 4,671 votes. The real loser in this battle was Pawlenty who garnered only 2,293 votes.

It’s concerned to me to see Bachmann gaining so much support. Although she portrays herself as wanting to rid out lives of government control what she really advocates is ridding our lives of government control unless it’s a subject she feels needs control. For example she supports a federal law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman while Ron Paul, a devout Christian who believes marriage should consists of a man and woman, supports removing the federal government completely from the marriage equation. Bachmann is also a supporter of war in the Middle East while I have no worried about Paul trying to engage us in yet another unnecessary conflict. The only thing I can really say about Bachmann that is nice is she’s also an opponent of the Federal Reserve.

Either way the race for the Republican nominee looks to be an interesting and tight race. Here’s hoping Paul gets the ticket and wins the Oval Office.