More Blatant Ignoring of Ron Paul

Whether you love or hate Ron Paul you have to admit that the media has been doing everything they can to screw the man over. For example take the title of this article:

Poll: Romney leads New Hampshire, Huntsman in third, Perry in fourth

So Romney got first, Huntsman third, and Perry fourth… isn’t there a number missing? Who in the hell got second place? Oh yeah, it was Ron Paul which is mentioned only in passing:

The Suffolk University/7News poll found Romney leading with 41 percent of the vote from independents and Republicans. His closest competition is Ron Paul, with 14 percent, followed by Jon Huntsman with an uncharacteristically high 10 percent. Perry, who has topped most national polls since announcing his candidacy, does not even break double digits, getting just 8 percent of the primary vote.

The good doctor is never mentioned again in the article. My friend Jeff summed up Ron Paul perfectly, he’s the 13th floor of the Republican race. The media knows he’s there but they simply ignore his existence and are willing to go so far as to ignore the number two in order to maintain their attempted ignorance.