Dollar Apocalypse

It seems more of my friends have started jumping on the blog bandwagon. One of my friends in the finance field has started a new blog that focuses on the current economic fuck up that we’re currently experiencing. He’s a pretty smart guy so I highly recommend heading over to his site and reading through the material posted so far.

For those of you wondering if I shill for my friends let me asure you I do. Well I shill for my friends who I believe post material worth reading, I actually have quite a few friends who have started blogs but lack any content that’s worthwhile so I haven’t brought them up. Still if you know me and have a blog let me know and I may send you two of my four readers.

One thought on “Dollar Apocalypse”

  1. While I agree with the sentiment of that blog, I think it is a little late in the game to get into metals. Not that I am selling, but I am a solid hold for about the last $700 an oz.

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