Then All Hell Broke Loose

The Gunwalker keeps getting worse for the government by the minute. Not only were they caught smuggling guns across the border to Mexico, not were those guns traced to several violent crimes including the murder for a border patrol agent, but it seems Eric Holder knew far more than he claimed:

So now the Fast and Furious affair has reached Stage 2 of the classic Washington scandal: House Republicans have called for a special counsel to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder himself for possible perjury.

Justice Department documents indicate that Holder knew of the operation way back in July 2010 — far earlier than the “in the last few weeks” that he told congressional investigators under oath last May.

I’m not the slightest bit surprised. Eric Holder is a weasel and a politician but I repeat myself. While I could drum up whoppers of conspiracy theories as to Holder’s motives in allowing this scandal to continue I believe such conjecture would be pointless. The bottom line is the federal government was caught with their fingers in the cookie jar and now they’re trying to blame anybody and everybody for the mess they created.

We’re fortunate that this mess has blown up as big as it has. Had this scandal gone mostly unreported the anti-gunners could have very easily spun this into an argument that stricter gun control is necessary to prevent firearms from making their way into Mexico. Wait, never mind, they already tried that. Still the amount of press this fuck up has garnered makes it difficult for any argument to be made in favor of stricter gun control. If anything this mess demonstrates why the government shouldn’t be allowed to have so much control over firearm transactions. Were the goons not allowed to force gun dealers into selling weapons to suspected criminals this entire situation may never have developed.

A hat tip to Uncle for the article.