Misleading Titles are Misleading

I love reading through Think Progress because so much of what they post is blatantly wrong. It’s kind of like Fox News except for progressives in that they’ll do and say anything in order to attack their opposition, Republicans. A person I know, who adamantly hates Ron Paul, posted the following story which is titled, “Ron Paul: Greater Access To Birth Control Makes A ‘Mockery’ Of Christians.”

When reading the title you’re obviously lead to believe Ron Pauls stated that greater access to birth control makes a mockery of Christians. Here’s what he actually said:

Not all Americans are comfortable with the Obama administration’s decision to mandate coverage of birth control and morning-after pills, and the considerations of these people, many of them Christian conservatives, are worthy of careful consideration — not mockery.

While the title leads you to believe he said one thing what he actually said was the arguments against birth control brought forth by Christians should be considered instead of mocked. I know a great number of people who simply hate anything to do with religion and if a person makes an argument based on religious beliefs they instantly reject it as false and start up the old mockery engine. Although I don’t believe religious arguments should be the basis of any policy besides religious ones, there is absolutely no reason to completely ignore an argument simply because somebody is making it based on religious beliefs.

I’m sure we can all agree that murder is wrong and most religions have some kind of dogma against the act of murder. Whether you claim an all powerful deity in the sky told humans not to murder each other or that reason lead most people to the understanding that dying sucks and thus killing each other isn’t productive is irrelevant. The bottom line is murder is bad for society and thus we’ve implemented various rules against the act.