Depoliticize Everything

As anybody who has been reading this site for a while knows I’m not the biggest fan of government. I don’t like the idea of somebody ruling over me with a gun and a threat demanding that I comply with their demands or face execution. It wouldn’t be as bad were the government not trying to regulate everything in existence but frankly the government we now have in the United States is completely out of control. Those on the right say we just need to elect the right Republican leaders and those on the left claim we just need to elect the right Democrat leaders. Truth be told the whole concept of “representatives” is outrageous when you think about it, nobody can represent the interests of many others:

Much money and attention is given to politics; so much that even standing on the sidelines to comment can generate outsized wealth and attention. Rush Limbaugh and his numerous conservative epigones have etched lucrative careers perpetuating the myth that if we just vote for the right candidates (literally, in Limbaugh’s case) the world will be set properly on its axis and the United States’ master-of-the-universe status will grow further still.

Of course, for left-liberals, the right person resides on the left. For either side, the right person is a myth — a fraud, actually. There is no right person, left or right, because the right person from any one person’s perspective will always be the wrong person from everyone else’s perspective.

If a Republican gets elected the Democrats lack representation, if a Democrat is elected the Republicans lack representation, and if either gets elected I lack representation. When you think about it the idea that one person is supposed to represent the interests of entire congressional districts is absurd. How can one man represent the views of so many others? Hell, lawyers have a hard enough time representing individual clients but as they’re paid for the job they’re more likely to do as they’re supposed to.

But politics is nothing but a giant game. Our politicians like to polarize issues into one of two camps and claim the other camp is wrong. Why should any third-party have a say in whether or not two men can marry, or if anther person can smoke pot, or if I can drive a gas guzzling truck? We are all individuals with different desires and we should be allowed to pursue those desires so long as we are not harming another or their property. Politicians telling us what to eat, drink, and say are unnecessary and exist only to take otherwise productive capital and flush it down the toilet of waste.

Instead of politicizing every topic on the planet let us depoliticize them. Let us all agree to leave one another alone in their pursuit of happiness.