I’m Hear to Save American Money Again

Sometimes I wonder how the Supreme Court selects the cases they’re going to hear. Usually I can see some kind of Constitutional question that will lie within the rulings and thus understand why the case was taken but other times it appears as though the cases are nothing more than frivolous wastes of taxpayer money. Can you guess which category this case falls in:

The case of an American-Israeli couple who want the US to recognise their Jerusalem-born son’s place of birth as Israel has reached the Supreme Court.

Menachem Zivotofsky’s US passport lists Jerusalem as his birthplace, but his country of birth has been left blank.

It seems the whole argument about who owns Jerusalem is so contentious that our own government advices people simply don’t bring it up:

They cite a provision in a 2002 law, the Foreign Relations Authorisation Act, allowing Israel to be listed as the birthplace for Americans born in Jerusalem.

But former President George W Bush overrode that provision, saying it interfered with his authority over foreign affairs.

The Obama administration says it does not want to appear to take sides on the status of Jerusalem.

State department guidelines say: “For a person born in Jerusalem, write Jerusalem as the place of birth in the passport.”

This case is now going to the Supreme Court and my only questions is… why? Seriously why the fuck is the supposed highest court in the land wasting taxpayer money on this case? Once again I have a simple solution to resolve this issue and save taxpayers money. If the family wants to birth certificate to say Jerusalem, Israel then put that on the birth certificates. On the other hand if the family wants the birth certificate to say Jerusalem, Palestine then put that on the birth certificate. Hell if the family wants the birth certificate to say Jerusalem, Valhalla then put that on the birth certificate. After all does it really matter? Is anybody unaware of where in the world Jerusalem is? Does anybody care? OK, obviously somebody cares so let me rephrase, does anybody who matters care?